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5 Things Your Weddings Makeup Artist Should Know | Taylor Tarnawskyj Model - Nudgepix Photography - Brittany Jane hair - Jac Travers Makeup Atrist

5 Things Your Wedding Makeup Artist Should Know

Rustic Bride - Jac Travers from Maverick Creative Academy Makeup Artist - Taylor Tarnawskyj Model - Brittany Jane Hair Stylist - Nudgepix
Rustic Bride – Jac Travers from Maverick Creative Academy Makeup Artist – Taylor Tarnawskyj Model – Brittany Jane Hair Stylist – Nudgepix Photography

Are you getting married? My friend, CONGRATULATIONS!
That is so exciting for you.

Your wedding day is going to be magical, I just know it. I have seen many glowing brides in my time and each wedding has a unique wonderment about it. I imagine this is because each couple is unique and wonderful in their own beautiful way.

Which then begs the question, is your makeup artist treating your makeup as a unique, wonderful and special experience?

Here are 5 things your makeup artist should know to ensure you get the right look and the right style for your wedding day.

Skin tone is not “Straight Outta a Bottle”

Your skin tone is unique to you. There are internal and external factors that affect it and there is not a makeup brand in existence that can cater for every skin tone out there.
A good makeup artist knows this, and will custom blend a shade that matches your unique tones.
If your makeup artist is applying straight from the bottle, they aren't treating your colouring as individual as you are.

Kim K contouring does not suit everyone

I am sure every makeup artist out there is cheering in agreement to this.
Just like your skin tone, your face shape is unique to you as well. How an artist contours and highlights your face should depend on the angles and symmetry of your face, not what is “on trend”.
If your makeup artist is giving you contour because that is “expected”, you should rethink handing them your money.

Not all brides want glamour

It may be a surprise to some, but I have found that brides want to look like themselves on their wedding day, not a completely different person.
The most common look I get asked for is “natural, soft, like I'm not wearing any makeup but I am”.
Your partner is marrying you and loves you for you. Why would you want to look like anyone else on the glorious day of your union?
If your makeup artist does the same look on everyone is she really listening to what you want?

What's the weather?

Is your wedding indoor, is it outdoor? What is the weather situation like? Overcast or not a cloud to be seen?
The light on the day will affect the photos and if the makeup is applied in different light to what light will be at the ceremony or reception, you could end up with some less-than-exciting photo memories of your big day.
If your makeup artist isn't asking questions about where your reception and ceremony are… RED FLAG!
They will need this information to ensure they are applying the right makeup and can account for lighting differences in application through to photos.

Dreams can be lost in translation

Have you ever had the experience where you explained something to a friend and they interpreted what you said as something completely different? Don't lie, I know we have ALL been there.
Makeup is no different. What society thinks is contouring and a smokey eye is totally different to a trained makeup artist.
Ensure you have visual examples of what you want and that your makeup artist is checking that with you.
If your makeup artist isn't giving you a visual confirmation before your wedding, I would suggest your reconsider their booking.
I mean, you want to know you are getting the very best for your gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime, wedding day! Right?

There we have it! Five things your bridal makeup artist should be doing and be aware of. Don't settle for second at your wedding. You are a Queen and deserve the very best!

If you loved these tips I would love to help you create the wedding day of your dreams. Email me for your personalised quote.


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