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I'm Jac and this is Maverick Creative Academy. It is a community, and service-based business focused on makeup, confidence, and a dash of style.

It is for kickass peeps who are, or looking to be:

  • Creatively-minded and interesting people
  • True to their uniquely complex self (not confirming to the status quo)
  • In control of how they look and how they feel, plus
  • Living an authentic life with purpose and experiencing real joy!

Maverick Creative Academy is not an an airy-fairy-only-light-and-love-so-let's-make-daisy-chains-and-do-yoga-every-morning type of place. Life is grittier, a little more raw and realistic here.

If you are overwhelmed by all of the advice out there, advice for beauty, advice for fashion, advice for who you should be, and none of it seems to suit you and your fabulosity.
If you are left feeling exhausted, disheartened, frustrated and like you “just don't get it!”, you should stick around.

You have a valuable and unique perspective, and I totally get that sometimes it can be hard to know how to express it in a professional and/or personal setting. Stop berating yourself internally for “not being brave enough” to experiment and discover publicly. Regardless of your age or various other circumstances, you are allowed to take the time and space to rediscover and embrace who you are and how you want to present to the world.

At Maverick Creative Academy, I help people by showing them how to elevate their look and own who they are in simple easy steps and without the judgement! I do this so you can find you unique space in society's bombardment of unrealistic expectations. This will give you confidence and ownership with how you look, and consequently, how you feel. You will take back control and reclaim your individuality!

The people I've worked with have found themselves excited by their appearance again and empowered to have fun with new ideas. One of these women got in contact recently to say how she had seen a shift in the way she carried herself at work which has led to an increase in her credibility. In addition to this, how she presents herself has opened up a new flow of creativity within her, releasing a higher sense of satisfaction with life. How fabulous is that!

If it sounds like you, or someone you know, feels the need to rediscover or check-in with who they are through their attitude and appearance, then please check out Maverick Creative Academy Community here, or Facebook, Instagram and the blog, for tips and tricks you can use to take back control, and reclaim your individuality.

More about Jac

I was 9. She wore a blue uniform, had short blonde hair, and said with conviction “Just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn’t mean I can’t handle whatever you can handle.” and I was hooked. From that moment I knew that I also wanted to be strong, independent, and a leader. And because you are here, I think you feel the same way too.

As a leader, I am an Internationally accredited makeup artist with a diploma in specialist makeup services.
In addition to my schooling, I have sought to learn from amazing makeup artists including Liz Bomben from Global Hair and Makeup, and Donna Mee.
I have also honed my craft as a personal stylist, in addition to studying clothing production at the Canberra Institute of Technology. I hold a current first aid certificate and have acquired my Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Self-improvement never stops regardless of age.
I have always gravitated towards building others up and teaching them to be independent and self-reliant on their own unique skills and assets. This has set me apart throughout my career as someone who is trustworthy, supportive, and a collaborator.

Developing Maverick Creative Academy is a dream brought into reality. It is a combination of years of experience and study with my passion to help women realise their beauty, their worth, and their potential. Too often I see women and creatives with hearts of gold, give up their power and their value to make way for something, or someone else. No more! Take your power back and reclaim your individuality with Maverick Creative Academy.

Jump over here to find out more about the services I provide.


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