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Bride and Groom in front of Golden landscape background
Photo Credit: Colourful Creations Photography

Do Your Wedding, Your Way

It's your wedding day so do it your way!

Last year I decided I would love some extra stress in my life and planned a wedding in 3 months. Oh yes, life didn't stop but I threw on top an entire wedding.
What I learnt from this was – Stick To Your Guns!

You see, I had a very clear image in my head of a couple of aspects for the day.
One – I wanted a circle arbour decorated in a particular fashion.
Two – I wanted to make my own dress.
Three – I wanted professional photos taken.

I have seen and been a part of many weddings. From small intimate affairs to large $100k+ events. I knew the most important thing was the celebration of our relationship and the next chapter in our lives as husband and wife. I also knew I wanted my damn princess moment (LOL).

One – Circle Arbour

Beautiful circle arbour styled with fluffy pampas grass infront of a river in the rocky mountains
Credit: Rocky Mountain Bride

I searched high and low for this. Literally weeks of searching a scrolling and seeking advice.
I googled, I pinterest'd, I insta'd, I ended up scrolling through months and months' worth of FB posts using their search function to find the exact one I wanted!
Then I saw the location… Lyndoch, SA.

I couldn't help but laugh at this point because that is literally down the road from my future in-laws. Down. The. Road. Like I travel further for work.

We were getting married in the ACT and I strongly considered changing the wedding to South Australia right then and there! (FYI, It is about 1 – 1:30 am in the morning when this is happening.)
As it turned out the style I wanted… would either be a buttload of money in feathers or would be black-market trade for pampas grass. I couldn't bring myself to go black market and I don't believe in breaking the bank for your wedding. (Life is about moments, not showing off money). Sooooo… That was out of the picture sadly.

There was, however, another arbour I had found in my long and tedious search. It was a complete circle (not an arch), it was thick and full (not a spindly little one that can only hold balloons or feathers), it was large enough to stand above me, the groom and my dad (who is over 6 foot – he was marrying us so this is important), it was a hollow middle (not a mesh middle as seems to be the trend of late) and it was in a colour scheme I liked.

I sent an email, the reply came within hours (9am that morning – damn good service right?), the excitement grew… Marley May Event Styling came to my rescue and saved the day! I got my circle arbour, and I love it more than my original desired style.

Bride and Groom in front of a circle arbour with golden sunlight beaming behind them
Photo Credit: Colourful Creations Photography | Location: National Arboretum Canberra | Arbour: Marley May Event Styling | Bouquet Flowers: Jamison Flowers | Dress: Maverick Creative Academy

Two – DIY Dress

This seemed like a great idea for months. I was casually researching the style and the methodology behind it – thinking he wasn't going to propose for a while.

Well, he threw a spanner in the works when he proposed! We set a date pretty quick, we didn't see much point in waiting around. Stupidly, I procrastinated in making the dress because I had researched the method, so that meant I'd be fine… right? 0_o

The Monday before the wedding I dedicated all of my time to the dress because things weren't fine. It's like that meme – “But things were not fine” the narrator said.

The nights were late and the mornings early. My sister ran errands for me whilst I patterned, cut and sewed the vision I had in my mind.
5:30 am the morning of the wedding I went to bed for a nap and got back up at 6:30 am. I packed the car and dashed to the hotel where I would get ready whilst my sister tacked on pieces of lace I had placed the night before.
My mum sewed the belt on me when I arrived at the ceremony location and, before the reception lunch, I had to cut the outer skirt off my body to reveal the lunch dress.
It wasn't perfect, but we did it. It was actually kinda funny looking back. I will forever be proud of the efforts put in and pleased with the result achieved. It was exhausting by the morning of the wedding… but well worth it! How many others can say they made their wedding dress in a week?
** I am humbled to have received so many compliments on the dress. There were a number of guests who did not believe I had made it. Thank you <3

proud bride standing next to mannequin wearing bridal gown made by the bride.
Photo Credit: Colourful Creations Photography

Three – Professional Photos

I was extremely picky with my choice of photographer – you can see the three factors I used to decide on who to book here.
Emily at Colourful Creations Photography was amazing – we cannot recommend her highly enough. She listened to what we (read: I) wanted, she took on feedback and had me feeling at ease. I'm a makeup artist by trade, not a model, so being in front of the camera is not a comfortable place for me. But she knew what to do and how to direct me to get wonderful images and the look I wanted.
The very first image she showed us of our wedding I had a friend exclaim “I don't know how she got it to look like that, mine is too dark”. And that… is a perfect example as to why we PAY FOR A PROFESSIONAL instead of DIY-ing everything.

Because of these three things (in addition to marrying the man of my dreams) I had my princess moment. I even wore two crowns 😉

Bride and Groom in front of Golden landscape background
Photo Credit: Colourful Creations Photography

In Conclusion

My wedding was fantastic. I was realistic about only controlling a few things on the day – not every single little detail. No matter what else happened these were the three key elements for me. I stuck to my guns. I was realistic and determined. I made sure my day was done my way. And by focusing on three key components, my day was a success and I was able to be fluid with the enviable hiccups that happen (like the Bride being late to the ceremony. Oops!).

Remember, It is your special day. Don't let anyone talk you out of your dreams for your wedding day.


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