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Beauty Basics

4 hours
Location of your choice
$250 pp (2 or 3 people)
$200 pp (4 to 6 people)

Unleash your inner beauty (and the beast if you like) by learning about the fundamentals of makeup and it's application in a fun and fabulous environment.
This course is perfect for those looking to get into wearing makeup and have little to no experience (or confidence) with it.

We will cover:

  • Your skin
  • Your base
  • Your face shape
  • A simple eye technique
  • Lip application
  • Tools and equipment basics
  • Practicing your skills and you will receive immediate feedback and support from an internationally accredited Makeup Artist

By the end of this class you will be able to:

  • Identify the correct brushes and tools to use
  • Understand why some products do not work for your skin and colouring and why other products do
  • Make informed choices when purchasing/using makeup in the future
  • Confidently apply your makeup at home

This class is in high demand. Grab your friends and grab a date before it is too late.
Email to discuss your preference

Step Up to Intermediate Techniques

Boost your beauty game by practicing new techniques and exploring more complex principals as they apply to makeup. The goal of this session is to leave you with techniques you can experiment with and build on to create unique looks that set you apart from the rest with your newly found cosmetic super powers.

There are three choices for Intermediate Techniques:

  1. Step Up 1: The Eyes Have It
  2. Step Up 2: The Base is Ace
  3. Step Up 3: I Want It All

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Step Up 1: The Eyes Have It

4 hours
Location of your choice
$200 pp (2 or 3 people)
$175 pp (4 people)

Have you ever wondered why gold eye shadow looks great on some but not others? How can you make blue eyes pop? What shape brows suit your face? How can you take a look from day to night without having to redo your entire makeup?

This is THE course for you if you are looking to level up your eye makeup.

We will cover:

  • Eyeliner formulas and technique
  • Daytime eye technique
  • Evening eye technique
  • Colour Theory as it applies to eye makeup
  • Introduction to eyebrow formulas, technique and shapes

Due to the versatility this class gives participants with their looks, it is a hot ticket option.
Snap up your friends and snap up your places now before they are all gone.
Email to secure your date.

Step Up 2: The Base is Ace

3.5 hours
Location of your choice
$150 pp (2 or 3 people)
$125 pp (4 people)

Contour and highlight are not just shapes and stationary. This class will have you perfecting your base and facial dimension according to your personal features and colouring. If you have ever applied your foundation and felt like a flat pancake, or applied your contour and looked like Neapolitan ice-cream – this is the class for you.

We will cover:

  • Skin preparation, including skin type and relevant care
  • Skin tones and foundation relevant to your specific skin needs
  • Colour correction & camouflage
  • Facial contour, highlight and dimension
  • Warmth, lighting and setting of the base

This is a insightful class for those who have skin concerns, are interested in contouring or are sick of looking too dark or light when wearing foundation.
The popularity of this class means available dates fill quickly. Pull your pals together and email to lock down your class today.

Step Up 3: I Want It All!

Can't decide between Step Up 1 or 2? Why not have both?

By purchasing both sessions you will save 20% and can split it up over 2 night or a full day session.

Location of your choice
$350 worth of makeup magic for only $280 pp (2 or 3 people)
$250 worth of beauty bonuses for only $200 pp (4 people)

This class is the real golden ticket to elevating your look sky high!
Hit me up today so we can get you flying with confidence and skill.